Saturday, January 15, 2011

Web Cookies

So what is exactly Web cookies? If you look into the many yellow colored folders that sit on your C drive,you'll see the one call windows which carries files for your operating system.Among the folders and files inside Windows, is one called Cookies.Sounds Yummy? But instead of raisins and chocolate chips, the Cookies folder contains dozens, maybe hundreds, of white colored text files that say 'yourusername@website name.txt'.
So you wonder, "Hey, i don't remember saving anything in this folder!" What is this mess and how did it get on my Computer? There's an easy way to find out.Run an anti_virus Scan on your Cookies folder first (Right-Click and then Scan for Viruses). Next, click on the .txt files. When you do, you will see a series of numbers and letters like this: c2_popup_cookie49care2.come/1523986421231879965* These figures are called name-value pairs whose function is to serve  as an identity number for your computer.Every time you go back to website, the server (machine hosting the site) will recognize your visit as a second,third,fourth,ect trip.
Most websites store cookies on your system this way.When you surf the Internet using any of these Browsers
(Chrome,FireFox ,Internet ExplorerSafariOpera), you start journey in Cyberspace.Once you enter a website, your Browser starts loading text and data from the server.As the Site opens on your screen, it also place a text file in the Cookies folder with the ID number which later helps recognize your Computer.Cookies thus tell the site creators who their visitors are, what software and hardware they might be using and, of course,judge how popular their site is. 
Almost all websites are interested in storing Cookies on your computer.Some cookies expires as soon as you go to another website while others stay in the yellow folder.If any one gain access to your C drive,they can easily find out where you surf once they take a peek inside.Do not rush and Disable Cookies


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