Saturday, January 15, 2011

Less and Less Paper

 People who work in offices will be and are being the first to feel the effect of the computer revolution.These lightings fast machines are taking over in all kinds of ways.
When you walk into most offices, what is the first thing you will see? Almost certainly it will be paper in typewriters, on desks, in filing cabinets, on drawing boards and on bookshelves.
Walk into an up-to-date high technology office, however, and the last thing you will discover is paper.Desks have become work stations equipped with microcomputers, their keyboards and visual display units.Computers have taken the place of the old fashioned electric machines.
The big revolution that first computers and then micro-processors have brought about is this: they have separated  figures and words from paper Records of all kinds are vital in business and industry.You have to keep a record of agreements you have made,the salaries you pay people,the sales you achieve.And there is a need to keep account how well or badly your business is doing.Now you can keep your all data safe even using less paper and accessing to these records is much easier then the old days.


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