Saturday, March 12, 2011

What is a Dedicated Server?

dedicated server is a single web server within a network of computers, dedicated solely to one customer, most often a large business.
dedicated server better meets the needs of a large business for several reasons. The client can customize the hardware setup as well as the software to meet exact needs. Data access is faster and high traffic is easily accommodated.
Dedicated servers normally come with good customer service from the web hosting company. The host will work with the client to make sure the dedicated server is meeting all of the needs of the client.
Another advantage of a dedicated server is that the client can easily create several domains on that server. In the case of a company that has multiple divisions or a chain of retail outlets, this becomes much more cost-effective and efficient than each individual division or retail outlet renting host space on a different web server.


For example, lets assume "IT Charger Inc." runs a chain of dealerships. Each dealership could have an individual website under the umbrella of the parent company, all located on the same dedicated server. The sites might look like this:
  • (The parent company)
  • (The retail dealership in Chicago)
  • (The retail dealership in Los Angeles)
  • (The retail dealership in Manhattan, etc.)

The advantage of having all of the sites located on the same dedicated server, is that the point of sale software would be customized and uniform. In other words, the dealership in Chicago would be learning and using the same online tools as the dealership in Los Angeles. This greatly simplifies administration and support, making the online component IT Charger very streamlined and cost-efficient. This advantage becomes exponential when considering different divisions of the same company can reside on the same dedicated server.

Another added advantage of a dedicated server is stability. In operating a dedicated server you have much control over what can happen on that server. What scripts can be run, what types of online activities can occur, etc. Conversely when you are one of many businesses on a shared server, your "up-time" can be affected by activities that are beyond your control.

The ability to enhance security is also an advantage for any business residing on a dedicated server.
For all of these reasons and more, dedicated servers provide an excellent option for many larger businesses. Personal websites or very small businesses generally do not require a dedicated server and can save money by leasing space from a standard web host.


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