Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Optimize CSS & Speed Up Blogger Blog Load Time!

The longer your readers have to wait for your blog to load, the higher the frequency with which they abandon your blog for someone else’s unless of course they are desperate for the information on your blog 
Optimizing your blog’s CSS is one of the many ways of decreasing your blog’s load time so here’s how to achieve this for Blogger Blogs.


Step 1

Simply log into your BlogSpot dashboard and click on Layout.

 Under Layout select Edit Html.

When the HTML editing page opens, back up your template by clicking on Download Full Template.

With that out of the way, click on expand widget templates and wait for the page to reload.

Step 2

Look for the<b:skin>  and </b:skin> tags and copy EVERYTHING between them. This is your blogger template’s CSS code.

Step 3

Navigate to CSS Compressor and paste your CSS code. Leave the settings as it is or modify it to suit you needs then submit it and wait for your optimized code to be generated.

Step 4

Copy the generated optimized version of your CSS code, go back to blogger and paste it in between <b:skin> and  </b:skin> tags to replace old CSS code then save your template.  Browse through your blog and you should notice a boost in speed of your blog’s loading time.

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In step 2 you've written:

Step 2
Look for the and tags and copy EVERYTHING between them. This is your blogger template’s CSS code.

What is the tag?
I don't see any tag mentioned?

Zameer Ali

Dear BeiNG CURLY now i have removed the error you can now find the complete information i hope it will help.thank you for your comment

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